Saturday, February 21, 2009

Save the Date - Anniversary Crop Weekend

Can you believe its almost been a year since the shop opened?!? My how time flies!!!

I'm planning an anniversary crop March 20th - 22nd with a full 24 hours of Crop Time ($35 value).
Here are the details so far

Friday Night 6pm - midnight
Dinner, Dessert & Beverages Provided

Saturday 10am-10pm
Brunch, Drinks & Snacks Provided

Sunday Noon - 6pm
Lunch, Dessert & Drinks Provided

Plus a Goody Bag & Make 'n' Take ($30 Value*)

Meals will be catered by Truxton's Short Order

Cost is $75
or $25/day

Space is limited so sign up today!
5 spaces left

Priority will be given to 3 - day croppers. *1 day croppers will receive a smaller goody bag and have the option to add on the make n take for $10.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Friday Night Crop

This post comes courtesy of Katherine, one of our dear croppers who moved back east a couple months ago. I received her permission to post it!

Ok, so I finally decided to go and make scrapbook friends. OY. If you are reading this in the store, shout out to everyone, especially my table buddies! And please Thank Julia for sending those photos - I will cherish them.

So here's what happened, or what didn't happen, rather: I already told you that they don't carry Bazzil so I had to stock up at Michael's before hand (I know you are cringing, sorry). So there came around a time when I finished a page, and I was about to yell out "I finished a page, where do you go to claim a prize?" and realized that there was no such thing. It was all kind of quiet. People just finished and rejoiced in private. WHAT?

That room full of Australian goodness you have in the back? Yeah, I think they have a rack and there is no rhyme or reason. I have given up after the third time I asked for something and they said, well . .. I can order it. Ugh.

Oh, and do I need to even comment on the music selection? Sonja, we listened to the radio! I know. And every time the one cropper used her Cricut, the radio would go off. So someone suggested we listen to CD's, and the owner said that it was just too hard to get up on the chair to put them in. WHAT?!?!?!

I miss how bright and organized your store is. And I love how your crop area is smack in the middle of everything so when you are stuck for ideas, all you have to do is look around you. You don't have to get up (well, not unless you want a closer look).

I was talking to the store owner and she was telling me that in Pittsburgh, scrapbooking is seasonal and really doesn't pick up until September. They get really busy during the winter months. Either I had no life in LA, or this is really backwards compared to what I remember experiencing in a part of the country where there is no winter and the weather is ALWAYS nice. I just didn't get it. They only have Friday night crops, 1 Saturday Crop for in May for the National Scrapbooking Day and 1 crop that lasts 3 days, where they book a hotel. That's it. Oy.

Anyway. I hope all is well. Fill me in on the gossip please. I miss you all!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Calling all Glimmer Gals (& Guys, too)!

Wendy Senger, the ultimate Glimmer Gal, creator of the fantabulous Glimmer Mist is coming to our store Thursday, February 12th from 3-5pm for a speical Glimmer Mist Make N Take!!! How exciting is that? She's in town for the Expo and is making time for us!

Stop by and meet here, get her autograph (wink, wink) and learn the art of Glimmer Mist from the ultimate pro! The make 'n' take will be $10. Sorry I don't have a photo of it, but you know its going to be AWESOME! Please RSVP to (310) 410-7272. Payment is required to reserve your spot & space is limited!

Also, our February Glimmer Mist class will be taught by Ms Monika Thomas, Glimmer Gal #2 from Thursday, February 26th from 11am-1:30pm. This is the adorable project you'll be making....

The cost of the class is actually going to be $25 instead of $20, but you're going to get a few extra goodies with it, too.

Also, I forgot add some photos from the Glimmer Mist booth at here they are! Watch for some of these class projects at the shop!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CHA Glimpses #5....Dum, Dum, Da-Dum, Dum...

May the scrapbooking force be with you! Creative Imaginations is coming out with a Star Wars Collection and I ordered the whole set. It won't ship until June, in fact they only had prototypes at the show, but its great!

This is the full collection!

These are the chipboard stickers.

The paper will be accented with foil.



There are also something called wall rub-ons. I'm sure that's not the technical term, but anyhow. They can be added to your wall as home decor!
Also, 2 mini scrapbook kits.