Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Fix Discount Scrapbooks!

You may have seen a commercial lately for an office supply store telling the story of an independent barber hanging a banner that says, "We Fix $6 Haircuts." I get a kick out of it every time I see it and think maybe I should hang a sign that says, "We Fix Bargain Scrapbooks."

The truth of it is, you just won't find a better scrapbook than those made by Maude Asbury and I've made a decision in 2010 to exclusively carry their scrapbooks.
First of all, the quality just can't be beat! Everything about these books are expertly crafted. I especially love the extra thick and roomy page page protectors! Nothing is more annoying than dealing with a split page protector, but I've never had that happen with a Maude Asbury book. Secondly, the style is unmatchable. I just love how these books look! They are classically designed with a contemporary twist. Thirdly, I just love working with independent manufacturers who are supportive of an independent store like mine and who takes customer service as seriously as I do. Joe is wonderful to work with!

So that being said, let's get to the good stuff!

Maude Asbury has a host of products including the 12x12 scrapbooks, smaller format photo albums, picture frames and magnet boards. To see their full catalog click the link below.

You can order anything from the entire catalog through me. I'll be placing orders about once a month and and will often be able to get your custom products within 2-4 weeks! Don't see a style you like? Books can be made with fabric of your choice! This is great for matching a book to your home decor or school's colors! I'm having one made with some vintage socal beach fabric!!!

Guest Books ($50) Photo Frames ($18) and Magnet Boards ($20-$50)

You may also want to try the Ultimate Scrapbook! These have been a favorite choice for those moving their scrapbook pages from other albums to those from Maude Asbury. The Ultimate Books come with 40 pages, 80 sides! They're built with a spine that can handle a large capacity of pages and honestly, when's the last time you made a "thin" scrapbook? Ultimate Books are $75 which is a great deal when you consider how many pages they hold!

I know how much time and effort, not to mention money that you put into your scrapbooks. You can be confindant that binding them in a Maude Asbury book will be the perfect compliment to your project and will showcase your memories for a lifetime!

Friday, January 15, 2010

You'll FLIP For This Class!

Check out this fun new project featuring the Flip Book from Pinecone Press and Love Me Do from My Mind's Eye!

See it in action with the video...

This class will be on Saturday, February 6th and Tuesday February 9th for $20. You can come in anytime during those two days to make the project but please reserve your kit in advance.

You may also choose from 3 different collections from My Mind's Eye.

Love Me Do

Be Loved

Ooh La La

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've been crafting...I promise

I've been creating things, but my camera only just made it out of the trunk of my car from my holiday travels. If your trunk is anything like mine, it's a black hole, even on the best of days.

Anyhow these sample layouts feature the collection Life Stories from My Mind's Eye. It's a unique collection for two reasons, the use of kraft paper and the emphasis on journaling. Everyone has a story to tell and this collection helps you do it in a way that is as unique as you are.

Hopefully now that the busyness of the holiday season has past, you can continue, or perhaps begin for the first time to tell your story! Remember, I'm just an email, phone call or visit away if you want any help!