Sunday, May 11, 2008

Meet Naome

Just as I have been blessed by this store, I want the store to be a blessing to others. So towards that end, I've comitted to sponsoring a child through World Vision & you can donate your change towards her sponsorship.

Meet Naome. She's 8 years old and from Zimbabwe. She lives with her mother and father, sister and brother in a community that has been severely affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. Her favorite subject in school is math and likes to play ball games. Our sponsorship will go towards her education, food & medical care as well as community development projects and Hope Initiatives specifically targeting the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Why sponsor a child through World Vision? Besides being a top rated charity, I've had the privledge to visit some of their community development sites around the world. They are comitted to sustainable community deveopment, as well as indigenous leadership, two very important qualities.

In the coming weeks, I'll be sending a care package and I'll let you know how you can contribute to that if you are interested. I'll also keep a scrapbook of our letters back and pictures.

Thanks for helping transform a child's life forever.


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EnchantedMusing said...


what a WONDERFUL project! what a fantastic way to give back.

please keep me posted - i'd love to contribute where I can. thanks for sharing this opportunity.