Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look What I did Today....

Ha ha, I feel like a kid coming home from school saying, "mommy, mommy, look what I did..."

Anyhow, I took extra Glittered Chipboard shapes from my My Mind's Eye Be Merry Collection and Glittered Alphas from the Laundry Line collection to make a festive holiday banner. It was really simple!

Step 1 - layout your design on your work space. Tip: we never have enough letters to spell what we want to, so think out of the box, like I did, with this French Holiday greeting. Also, you can alter letters. One of those pictured used to to be a "Q" but was easily converted into an "O"

Step 2 - use your crop-a-dile to punch 2 holes in each letter/item at the center point. Have 2 holes keeps the garland more steady when its strung together. I used the tiny hole punch, I think its 1/8"

Step 3 - String your garland together. I used white tulle from Bazzill. I thought it was nice and wintery. Tip: tying a small knot at each end of the tulle will make it much easier to thread. Also, the closer your items are together, the more stable the garland will be.

Step 4 - Hang and Enjoy!

This is an easy project to do with all your project "scraps" and is simple enough to keep the kids occupied. Just a thought....


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