Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What the Heck is an Ephemera?!?

Ok, back to that mysterious bag I refferred to earlier. Sorry to string this out...I've been swamped. Did I mentioned I moved again? Not the shop, just me and the pepster. Between that, shop hop, custom work and new orders coming in, blogging has sunk into the blackhole of cyber space.

So, what the heck is an Ephemera? I first saw this word in a Melissa Frances catalog and they looked cute, but if I don't know what it can I tell you what it is! At the mini vendor fair I sat next to Melissa at her make n take and decided to be brave and ask. As she's passing out the Ephemera kits, I what exactly is Ephemera anyhow?

Graciously she's paper and paper products that were intened to have a one time use and then be thrown away.

What does that translate to for crafters? A bunch of really cool stuff you can make stuff with. Think collage.

So here's what I made with my Ephemera kit:

I'm so excited to learn a new flower making technique with the crepe paper (top center). We also used the Chandelier Drops & Vintage Transfers to complete the project. Sorry, crepe paper, drops & rub ons aren't in the kit....but look at how much stuff is left over!

I'm also super excited to recieve Kitchy Kitchen kits and nifty chipboard backs handy for all sorts of projects. Check out more Melissa Frances goodies on her blog!

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