Tuesday, March 25, 2008

29 is Wonderful

I don't know if its because I turned 29 this year or if its because its so darn cute, but I LOVE the new collection for My Mind's Eye, called 29th Street Market. Here are some snapshots of some of my faves:

All 32 sets from 29th Street Market are out and ready for you photos!
Also, the curtain has been drawn and preparations are under way for the Kaisercraft Lounge. Mark your calendars for the big reveal on Saturday April 5th and get ready for this great collection from Australia to capture your imagination as it did mine!

I know many of you are waiting for Basic Grey. My order will ship in 2 weeks. They ship in the order of who visited their Booth at CHA. I got there a bit late in the game so we have to wait some more. Sorry 'bout that!


1 comment:

mellieh99 said...

the 29th Street Market collection by My Mind's Eye looks awesome.. I can't wait to get back in your store and do some more shopping and see what else is new..
Yippee... Keep those emails and blogs coming.. I love it.
Lots of contiinued success to you,
Melanie :-) xoxo