Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Stuff From My Mind's Eye

Sorry I've been away from the blog a while. I got slammed with the worst case of the flu! Yuck.

Anyhow...it's tradeshow season and you know what that means....new goodies on the way to the shop for you. Even though I won't be headed out to Orlando for CHA, my sales reps are great about getting me all of the lateste and greatest.

Yuo know that whatever My Mind's Eye releases is MUST have so it was of course my first order and is set to arrive first...probably next week. So here's your preview...

Plus 6 "smaller" collections....

Holiday Spoiler Alert....if you're not ready for Halloween or Christmas....stop reading...

Check out the My Mind's Eye website for a better glimpse!
See you soon!

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