Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Scrap in the City Pt 2 - Design Challenge

So, I was pretty late to the whole Sex and the City phenomenon mostly becuase I was in the dark ages and didn't have cabel tv until 2008....I know....gasp, how did I survive?

I caught the series on syndication on KTLA and quickly understood what all of the fuss was about! What a brilliant comedy and celebration of womanhood!

To top it off, every episode brought such a sense of style and design into our homes! I saw fashions I could only dream of and was always amazed at what items could be combined for such a great sense of design. If you saw the sequel movie, think back to Carrie in the marketplace rockin a t-shirt and poofy ballroom skirt and of course the heels! Only Carrie could pull that off!

It got me thinking...2 things really....

First, embrace your own style! Find what works for you, love it and ROCK it! For me, it's earrings...I have tons and tons of them, won't go out of the house without then and funny thing it...usually get the most compliments on my Target finds! We may not all have the bodies we want or the shoes budget we want but embrace your beauty, your style and strut your stuff!

Secondly, how woud Carrie and the crew scrapbook? How would their own style come through in their albums, on the their layouts. So in the interest of pre Shop Hop hooplah, I'm challenging you to "Scrap in the City!" Pick any main character from the series or movie and scrapbookin in their style!

The deadline for submissions will be the final day of Shop Hop, August 22nd. Mail your layout, bring it with you on the hop or send me a photo! Along with your submission, make sure I have your name, contact info and the character you're scrapping as!
Prize package to be announced!

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