Sunday, February 10, 2008

CHA Day 1

Oh my - where do I start? I saw so much today, and I want it all. For those who don't know, CHA is like the world's fair of craft supplies. Its enormous and most of it is scrapbooking stuff. Words really can't describe it, you have to see if for yourself.

I'm most exicted about the first three lines I saw (which ended up being my first three orders). Generally at a show this huge you're not supposed to place any orders until day 2 0r 3, but I think considering eveything that has happened I can have a bit of fun early on...right?!?

  • Cosmo Cricket - selections for all 4 of their fabulous new collections!
  • Petaloo - amazing flowers in great materials such as leather, wool, foil, velvet, cotton, mulberry, foam and chipboard.
  • Reminisce - Graduation, Prom, Beach, Tropical, Dance, Family, Jungle Safari, Easter, & Valentines, plus great travel embellishments called "jet setters" (which won't ship til May)

Then there's

  • Glimmer Mist - Spring & Summer Limited Editions & decorative spray templates
  • Flair - Amazing Grace & Year Round collections
  • Prism - metallic cardstock, vellum & mulberry
  • Hambly Screen Print - eccelctic transparencies and rubons
  • Stemma - Wedding, Birthday & Varnished papers
  • Paper House - Travel papers, stickers and die cuts
  • Tapestry - Predeisigned 8x8 Pop-up Albums & 12 albums in a variety of themes!

The biggest trends so much is glitter. Practially everyone has sparkly glitter things. Everything from paper to embellisments to albums are dusted in glitter. Its really beautiful.

Also, everyone has been super helpful with this whole adventure I'm on and willing to pass on deals, which means I can pass some savings on to you! Whoo Hoo.

So even though my feet & back and arms hurt (from pulling the suitcase full of catalogs), & even though my fingures still hurt from stapleing them together (don't ask), I'm so excited and thrilled to be opening the store & have this gigantic resource of CHA at my disposal.

Also, spell check isn't working and I can't see straight, so sorry.

Will post more tomorrow. G'nite.



Bev said...

Great start! I love Petaloo. We made those really cute magnetic purse cards with the pink and black flowers with glitter. Also the tag with the BIG flower on it. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Have fun shopping!

Judith H said...

Sounds like Disneyland from scrapbookers! I'm so glad to see the selections you're making ... I think you're store is just going to be awesome, trendy and hip. GLITTER!!! Oh those magic words!!!! How many times did I ask if we had some at the other place????

Everything I make has glitter. The best is "The Essential Glue Pad". You can use any of your acrylic or rubber stamps with it, pour some glitter, and VOILA!!!! A beautiful creation!

Keep having fun ... get a lot of PINK!!! just for me.

Good Luck with those staples tomorrow!!!

EnchantedMusing said...

yea - i'm so excited i can't see straight. love all the new stuff and want it all.

no worries about spell check - i'm having the same problem, and it's making me rethink Blogger.

have fun