Saturday, February 2, 2008

Super Scrapbook Tips

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I have a few creative tips for creating a SUPER scrapbook page!

During the Game:
A Woman's Point of View... Super Sunday is generally a totally different experience for men & women. We may care a bit about the game, but its mostly the fun of the party that we're interested in. What will the funniest commercial be? Will there be another wardrobe malfunction? Who's cuter - Brady or Manning? These are the myriad of things swimming in our brain during the big game and can provide creative inspiration for your layouts & journaling.

Take Candids - Some of the funniest pictures come when you least expect them & that's the beauty of digital photography. You can snap away and choose later. So don't forget the pictures of the couch potatoes, the cheering children, game play reactions, etc. And get that camera ready for the final seconds. This could be a record breaking game and the reactions are sure to be fabulous!

After the Game:
Who were you rooting for? Consider a layout in the team colors & using licensed NFL products as embellishments. Create turf with crinkle cut green paper. Use paint or chalk to create yardlines. If people were split on their loyalties, consider a split layout with one page for the Patriots & one for the Giants. Be sure to interview your husband about his post game analysis for some fun journaling momentos.

Just Do It! Choose your favorite 8-10 photos, print them and scrapbook them. Don't wait too long. The key to kepping up with scrapbooking is to scrap your current memories and then go back to the past ones.

Your Ideas?
Share your ideas, your photos & even your layouts with the rest of us by posting a comment. I'd love to hear from you.


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Lisa said...

with parties like the super bowl, I even like to take pictures of the food. :) is that weird? lol
thanks for the blog, Sonja!