Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Days 3 & 4 & more...

So I was pretty well zonked by day 3 and its taken my quite a long time to get my energy back, plus all the other happenings with getting the store up and running!
So the BIGGEST highlight was getting free paper shelves! I was so overwhelmed when I found out that I started to cry. It was the kind of "oh, my gosh, I can't believe this is really happening" tears. The good kind, definately the good kind. Here's all the shelves loaded into my car...

Some product highlights from the final days? Here's what I can remember...
  • Basic Grey,
  • GCD (a funky new company)
  • Around the Block (or as I call it, the "fun factor")
  • Jenni Bowlin
  • Kaiser Craft (just wait til you see this...)
  • and a bunch more!!!
And of course, I took some time to myself with a frozen yogurt and a foot massage (which I almost bought for the store). A passerby thought it was such a cute photo that she snapped it for me. You know us scrappers are always on the lookout for a good photo.

And here's my accountant inspecting my business checks:

And finally we had a great crop-ette at the library over the weekend!

24 days left until the Grand Opening! YAY!!!

Ta ta for now.


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Judith H said...

Wow Sonjia! Sounds like you're just moving on up. Thanks for putting the crop together this past weekend. It was so much fun. I got to see some familiar faces and made new friends.

I'll be sure to stop by and see you at the store and help in any way I can.