Friday, August 22, 2008

August 27th

I thought it would be cute to come up with 27 reasons to visit my on the 27th...but let's face it, I'm a bit brain dead with the end of Shop Hop. So let's focus on the main reasons to come visit on the 27th.

1) Its my mom's birthday & she'll be in town - come wish her a happy day.

2) FREE Starbucks - anytime between 4-7pm, stop by and get a free Sorbetto or Vivano. This isn't a sample size...its the real thing baby!

3) Turn in your Shop Hop Passport - deadline is the 27th.

4) & finally, not to be outdown by Starbucks...FREE sheet of paper ($1.00 value or less). Stop by between 4-7pm on the 27th and pick out your favorite!

Hope to see you then...Sonja

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