Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Glimpses of CHA #1

Ok everyone. Here are some photos from CHA. I was remiss and really didn't take any photos until the last day, but I will post what I have over the course of the next week, so stay tuned each day!

Here's a few shots of what I've ordered from My Mind's Eye. This is shipping next week so it will definately be one of the first arrivals.

Penny Lane Collection

Penny Lane sample layout (using those transparencies that I never know what to do with ;-) and a sample card.

One color scheme of Bella Bella, another coming in blues...

One color scheme of Bloom & Grow, one more coming.

Also, I have several suprises comming from My Mind's Eye, but you'll have to come in and see those when they get here....

Here we are being evacuated from the convention center during a fire alarm. It was a false alarm but it was nice to get some fresh air....

& here's Pepper inspecting the catalogs and investigating purchases after a long day at the show...

More to come tomorrow.

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