Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Top 10 Things Heard Over The National Scrapbook Weekend Crop

#10 Can We Stay An Extra Hour Sonja?
#9 Here's a contribution for the Pepper Cat Food Fund
#7 Oh! Oh! Quick! Look out the window!
#6 We're going to Starbucks, Sonja, can we get you another?!?
#5 Isn't all paper made from "Real Wood"
#4 Can I get the Donice discount?
#3 Put it on my tab!!!
#2 Oh Hell-to-the-No!

and finally, the number one thing heard at Sonja's Scrapbook Spot this weekend...

#1 Hey, whatever happened to Tracy Chapman?

Hope you had as great a time scrapbooking this weekend as we did!

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