Monday, October 18, 2010

But That's Not the Paper I Work With....

First, a BIG THANK YOU to all of the Spooky Blog Haunt Participants. Your comments over the weekend have really encouraged me since of late I've been feeling like the little girl in this classic ME card. So thanks for reminding me that owning a store is still about the creative process and I don't have the let the stuff get me down.

Here's some of that other stuff. Can I just comiserate for a moment?

I am at the shop on Monday, my one day off so that one of my walls can be ripped to shreds to handle the neverending leaks from my neighbor that shall not be named becuase I have nothing good to say about them! Maybe, just maybe this 18 month ordeal will be over with soon? Here's hoping!

And then, there's the, not this paper....

....this paper. It's a bit out of hand, don't you think? I always joke that this isn't the paper I work with. But I am going to at least sort it into months today....since I'm here anyway....grrr.

On the bright side, I did some creative work over the weekend and have put together my first kit project. I've had lots of requests and I can't promise how often I'll be able to design them (since I have all this other paper to deal with) but I'll get them out as often as I can. This kit will feature a double page spread, a wall hanging and a card assortment designed by me and feauring the Blackbird Collection from My Mind's Eye.

Ta ta for now,


Kelly Massman said...

My desk gets like that, and I have a big pile that I need to sort out into my scrap bin, etc.! I guess I feel better when I see someone in the same boat! :-) Cute card!

trisha too said...

Nope, that's NOT the paper I want to work with, either!!

Oh, well, it's not always fun, but it has to be done . . .

hang in there!