Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Judie's Story aka Cancer Sucks!

Since drafting this blog post last week another good friend is facing her own cancer fight again. Whether it's childhood cancer like the one precocious Daisy has been fighting or breast cancer or skin cancer or any cancer....CANCER SUCKS.... Let's not be numb to the C-word, let's keep fighting and supporting those around us who fight! Now back to the previously planned blog...

If you're a regular at Sonja's you're bound to have met Judie, an avid cropper, wife, and mom of two boys, & baker extraordinaire among everything else. I'd like to share her story (with her permission)


This is National Breast Cancer Month...And here is my story…..

I had my yearly check in May and 3 weeks later I found a lump in my breast during my self exam.
I went for a mammogram, ultrasound & biopsy. Saw a specialist who sent me for MRI. Then back to the doctor to review my MRI.

They found a shadow on MRI so I had another ultrasound & biopsy July 1, and then surgery on the 2 spots. The 1st was fine, but the 2nd was LCIS (Lobular carcinoma in situ pre-cancer cells). Mine however is invasive & w/ my family history I will be having double mastectomy next month.

The reason I am telling this is neither spot would have been picked up on a mammogram if I hadn’t done self exam. Gals check yourself every month.


We all know someone who has been affected by Breast Cancer and what moves me about Judie's story is how quickly the lumps developed and how she found it herself. We can't underestimate knowing our own bodies and advocating for our own health.

Here is an excellent resource for breast self exams

Now meet Vicki...she's a survivor and founder of Pink Link!

Online Breast Cancer Support

Vicki is gerously donating one Breast Self Exam kit to one of our readers. The kit is featured in this video.

Please leave a comment on the blog to if you'd like to opportunity to receive one of these kits. I'll choose at random on November 2nd...Judie's surgery date!
If you'd like to purchase this kit, please visit the Pink Link website!

Hug someone you love today!



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Best of luck to Judie!