Friday, August 5, 2011

Same Same But Different

A really popular Thai phrase is "Same Same But Different." It's another way of saying similar when comparing something. You might say "is Core-dinations cardstock the same as Bazzill?" and I'd say...same same...but different. "Starbucks and Coffee Bean" Same same...but different. "Facebook and Twitter" Same same...but different. Got it?

When I saw this collection from Creative Imaginations it screamed Thailand. I expected it to be called Siam or Bangkok or Sawadeeka. But it wasn't. It's called Marrakesh which is in Morocco. So I have concluded that Marrakesh must be same same but different.

Also we'll do a 2nd run of our t-shirts at the end of Shop Hop by pre-paid, pre-order only. Use this sign up sheet to pick your size then call in to pay. Sorry, no shop hop discount on the shirts.

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