Friday, March 13, 2009

Ga-Ga Over Glimmer Mist

We had so much fun last night!!! We've been bitten by the Glimmer Mist bug! This is truly one of the coolest products out there right now because it is so versatile and so fun to work with.

Here's some shots from the class...

Wendy Teaching...

Allison, Megan, Stephanie, Pat

That blur is Melanie...and Linda

Truxton's Catered...Yummy!

Charmain intently drying her pieces

Ellie, Alicia, Shemain & Teresa
(Teresa looks a bit scares spraying her first piece, but quickly got over it!)

Barbara & Sharon are blinded by the glimmer...or is that the afternoon sun?!?

So I have 2 very important Glimmer Mist related announcements:

Value Pricing

2oz Glimmer Mist bottles will now be sold as follows:

1 @ $8.00
2 @ $7.50 ($15.00)
3 @ $7.00 ($21.00)

If you purchase more than 3, you will recieve them at the $7.00 price point.

This applies to bottles purchased at the same time. All coupons & other discounts will be taken off the $8.00 price and the value pricing will not apply.

Glimmer Gals Club

We're forming our first club at Sonja's Scrapbook Spot - the Glimmer Gals.
Of course if you're a guy you can still join us...
we'll just change the name to the Glimmer Gang!

Here are the details...

The Glimmer Gals Club will include

Monthly Tattered Angel's Classes
Exclusive Monthly Offers
Tattered Angels Freebies & Samples

The Glimmer Gals Club will meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month
& 3 class times are available:

10:30am - 12:30pm
1:30pm - 3:30pm

If a club member is unable to attend the class date,

make ups are available by appointment within 30 days.

Club Dues:

3 month minimum comittment

10% discount for 6 months prepaid
$135 total

10% discount and Free Stencil Kit* ($25.00 Value)
$270 total

*stencil kit contains 3 glimmer mist colors & 1 Glimmer Screen.
Your choice of Regal, Nature, Frosty, Traveler & Garden Kits

Our First Club meeting will be on Thursday, April 16th and the project planned is the Spring Garden Journal. I'll have photos of projects posted ASAP

Have a great weekend and remember to
"Shake Your Glimmer"

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