Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Card Collection

Creativity is a funny, funny thing. I find myself going through moments where I don't feel even slightly inspired. Then, when you least expect it, creativity dawns and you just can't stop it.

That's how I felt yesterday. It was really slow at the shop and I was doing a lot of busy work. At the end of the day, literaly 6:45, I picked up the new magazine that arrived Card Trends and started to thumb through it.

Some paper caught my eye and I thought...I have that design...I could do that card. So I whipped one out, then another and then I went home. Enough of this...Dinner and Ugly Betty is calling. But I woke up at 3am with more ideas and dove in again when I arrived at the shop.

Here are the results....

So I hadn't planned on doing any spring card classes, but creativity has spoken. So here's the deal. Call me and make an appointment to come in and make any or all of these cards.

Each design is $10 each. You'll have enough supplies to make 3 cards of the same design. Please no subsitutions.

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