Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cooking up Dreams of the Past, Present & Future

One reason I love scrapbooking is that it at once connects the past, the present & the future! As we add our memories to the pages we celebrate the moments that have shaped us. Those moments put the present in perspective and gives us dreams for the future.

And the stories...there are always the stories.

One Sunday afternoon Kery came to crop at the shop and we began sharing our stories as ladies often do. One thing led to another, honestly I don't remember, and I told her about starting the shop, how it was not a life long dream, but the opportunity had fallen into my lap and and worked out in such a way that it could only be described as a "God-thing."

Then she started to share her dream. She and her sister had started cooking classes for kids out of her home, but wondered if it could be something more. So we started talking about the possibilities.

I'd see Kery off & on over the next several months and she'd share updates about pursuing her dream. Negotiations with leasing managers. Lines at City Hall. Health Inspectors. Sign design. Uncertainty about the finances. But still, she and her sister Kathe kept pursuing there dream.

Thursday afternoon, Kery called me and shared that "The Kid's Cooking Place" is a REALITY. Their GRAND OPENING is this Saturday, May 16th.


6218A Manchester Ave. Westchester, CA 90045

I wanted to share this with you because a) its a fabulous thing, b) they are fabulous people & c) I just love supporting ladies who step out, follow their heart, risk failure & dream BIG!!!

I hope you'll check them out

Much Love,


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