Thursday, May 14, 2009

Does the World Really Need Another Scrapbook Adhesive?!?

I'm a girl that can get pretty stuck in her pun intended. Maybe its my can always tell a swede, but you can't tell 'em much. So I have my adhesives of choice and I like them and I don't have a reason to change them. They work. I like them...what's the point?

That being said, at CHA in January my sales rep was really eager to show me this new Glue Glider Pro from Glue Arts. I was like, really, another adhesive? I don't think the world needs another adhesive. And isn't that the gigantanormous one that comes on a big wheel? Isn't that just a tad bit excessive?

"Just try it," she said. Famous last words.

I have to admit, I was really impressed. First, let me be honest. I LOVE the colors - pink and fabulous! (I once let the deciding factor on a stereo purchase be the purple color on the dials). But I really like the technology. It is smaller and easier to handle than the Glue Glider MAX (the gigantanormous one). But the truly nifty thing is that you can switch between the different cartridges mid use. So if you're working one a project and you want to switch between your permanent and removable adhesive, you just slide one cartridge out and the other in. No waste. Go back and forth as often as you want. It's probably the easiest adhesive runner to load and unload!

In all there are 4 different adhesive cartridges...
  1. Perma Tac - very permanent, aggressive adhesive die cut every 1/16 of an inch, allowing you to apply just what you need. 40 feet on a cartridge
  2. High Tac - permanent adhesive die cut in a micro diamond pattern for complete surface coverage. 60 feet on a cartridge.
  3. Perma Squares - 1/4" squares with 1/2" gap between them. 725 adhesive squares.
  4. Repositionable - continuous adhesive film that has a strong but movable bond. 65 feet on a cartridge

The Glue Glider Pro comes with a cartridge of Perma Tac and retails for $15. Each of the cartridge refills are $9.

I used my Glue Glider Pro when I sat down to play today...

Speaking of being stuck in my ways...I wanted to get out of the box with this layout. Chic Bebe has been such a fun collection, but this is my first layout. I played around with layering lots of patterns, including a shear transparent sheet. Still it wasn't coming together until I added ink around the edges of the paper and the strip of rick rack to the left. Lesson learned...patterns are fun to mix and match, but give your eye something to grab hold of.

Until more inspiration strikes...


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